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My name is Sarah and I am the Physics & Astronomy School President for this academic year. I’m a 4th year Astrophysicist, and when I’m not doing physics stuff you can find me at dance classes, rehearsing for a musical, organizing charity fundraisers, or debating which Marvel superhero is best. My role as SP is to represent the views of students to the staff and the wider university. I chair the school’s Student Staff Council where class reps and members of staff meet and discuss issues and ideas within the school.

I am here for any issues, comments, concerns, or questions you may have about the school, your modules, or education in general. I’m also in charge of organizing careers events, department socials, and some wellbeing activities. My email (physicspresident@) is always open to feedback or you can keep track of what I’m up to on my Facebook page!

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