• On Large Numbers and High Frequencies 
    It’s the all-familiar story again: at the heart of human and panda civilization, a clock ticks away the fabric of spacetime and paces the world. We’ve seen it happen in antique shops, movies, bamboo forests and childhood memories, the only difference being that now the clock runs 9 billion times faster.
  • Interview: Dennis Goodtzov
    Dennis tells us about progressing from BSc to MSc in St Andrews
  • Winner of the Astrophotography Competition: Will Bowles
    Will Bowles, winner of the astrophotography competition, tells us about how he took his stunning photograph.
  • An Interview with Dr. Bruce Sinclair
    We talk to Dr Bruce Sinclair, one of the faces that welcomes new students to the university in his role as Director of Teaching. We take a look at Dr Sinclair’s achievements, he gives a shot at explaining what he would take to a desert island, and Dr Sinclair describes what it is that makes St Andrews so special.
  • The Astronomy Summer Research Programme, with Callum Donnan
    Callum tells us what it’s like to complete a research internship in a virtual world and gives us a few top tips on applications.
  • Is UVC lighting the way to a COVID-19 free future?
    What if I told you that a part of the UV light spectrum could be used to kill COVID-19? What if I also told you that these particular wavelengths are so far thought to be completely safe to humans? What should we do with it?
  • How to Travel Upwards in Time
    How do we talk about time? Why do we say that we look ahead to the future, rather than behind? There might be a lot more physics hiding in everyday language than you realise…
  • Physicist of the Month: Prof. Sally Ride
    Sally became famous as the First American woman (and third ever woman) in space in 1983. At 32, she was the youngest American astronaut to travel to space, a record that still stands today.
  • Catherine Essex: The Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative
    Catherine tells us about her experiences tutoring for the Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative over the summer.
  • Does Time Exist?
    Does time exist? It is an awfully big question. And perhaps one you have never thought to ask yourself. Carlo Rovelli’s ‘The Order of Time’ presents a poetic and enlightening account of the nature of time, and its implications for modern physics and beyond. I offer a warning to those of you prone to existential crises; this one may be your greatest yet.
  • Poster Board
    Introducing your President! My name is Sarah and I am the Physics & Astronomy School President for this academic year. … Read more
  • Recipe: Green Bean Salad
    A healthy and delicious way to fuel your physics brain Estimated time: 15 minutes Base Green beans (haricots verts)Frozen A … Read more
  • Tips for Working From Home
    Right now it can be hard to stay motivated, so here are some tips on how to be productive without … Read more
  • PANDA Graduates: Dr. Richard Tatham
    Our interview with Richard about physics, experiences in St Andrews and life after graduating. Tell us a little about your … Read more
  • Vinayak Shastri: The MIT Covid 19 Challenge
    Vinayak tells us about winning the MIT challenge, fighting COVID-19 and his experiences. Tell us about your hackathon – who … Read more
  • An Interview with Dr. Chris Hooley
    Chris’ thoughts on physics, what physicists are like at parties, and how to ruin an almost perfect moment in St Andrews.
  • Physicist of the Month: Professor Mercedes Richards
    A role model for the next generation of budding physicists
  • Do Physicists make the best Baristas?
    Want to make an espresso that is as good as Taste itself? Perhaps your physics degree has given you the ideal skill set to make a pretty amazing brew.
  • A Fun Approach to Sci-Fi: the long way to a small angry planet by Becky Chambers
    As a physicist, it can be hard for me to enjoy science fiction. This isn’t because I have a deep … Read more
  • Look out for the N-rays!
    The inevitability of confirmation bias and how it affects physics
  • Coffee Conundrums
    Up for a challenge? Try out the crossword from our first ever magazine issue, with clues ranging from coffee to astronomy!