Tips for Working From Home

Right now it can be hard to stay motivated, so here are some tips on how to be productive without sacrificing your mental health to do so!

  1. Keep your workspace organised
    Know where your stuff is and tidy it away when your done. Find a designated place to work like your desk or your kitchen table, and try to avoid eating or relaxing there, if possible.
  2. Make lists
    List everything: weekly tasks, daily tasks, the smaller tasks that make up bigger tasks. Tasks are more manageable once you know the smaller steps you need to take to finish them. Personally, I like to put something I’m going to do anyway, like “make coffee”, on the list to get me started on the box-ticking dopamine high.
  3. Pace yourself
    Don’t leave stuff till the last minute, but don’t overwork yourself either! If today’s list seems unconquerable, what little tasks can be left till tomorrow? If today is looking idle, what can you start on to make tomorrow easier? Be kind to tomorrow’s you, but also to today’s you. I may be labouring this point too much, but it’s very important!
  4. Give yourself incentives
    Give yourself small things to look forward to between or after tasks, especially ones you’re not exactly enjoying. Once you finish this two-page integral, you’ll go on that walk!
  5. Take breaks
    This ties into giving yourself incentives. If you feel yourself getting tired or stressed, take a break! Make yourself some tea, go for a walk, do some stretches, have a snack, or text a friend. It’s unhealthy to push yourself without taking a rest, be kind to yourself!
  6. And finally, do what works for you
    There’s no point in doing all of this if it doesn’t help you focus and motivate yourself. Do things your way, at your pace,

By Carolyn Mill

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