Catherine Essex: The Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative

Where did you do your internship and how long for?

I started tutoring for the Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative over the summer after exams, and have been doing so ever since. CTI is a non-profit organisation which connects volunteer university students with disadvantaged young people to provide them with free tutoring in KS3, GCSE and A level in all subjects (and Scottish equivalents). The pandemic has widened the education gap, with disadvantaged students 18 months behind their peers by the time they took their GCSEs.

What did you do?

I have been tutoring three students in GCSE Physics, GCSE Chemistry and KS3 maths.

What was it like?

I decided to tutor three students for one hour a week. It’s been so rewarding seeing them all progress week by week, and I feel as though I have really made a difference to their education.

Where did you find out about your internship?

I found out through a friend.

Do you have any tips regarding the recruitment process?

It’s super easy to sign up for, just fill in the form at and wait to be matched to a student! You can choose how many students you want to tutor, and in which subjects you’d like to tutor. No experience is needed, and full safeguarding training is given. If you are finding it’s too time consuming then you are easily able to lower the number of students you are tutoring or withdraw completely from CTI, with an email.

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